Break Up Sms

Sending break up text messages is the best way to keep in touch with friends. Here we have break up messages. You can also use as break up facebook status to share on your FB walls.  Messages of break up forwards can be used as FB break up statuses.

  • As painful as it is, tolerating heartbreak is still better than tolerating your lies. Goodbye.
  • I will never deny that I loved you. But someone has rightly said that with time, things change… and so did you. Goodbye.
  • There will always be a place for you in my life, just not in my heart.
  • I walked away because you were busy finding faults in me, while I was busy overlooking yours.
  • Our relationship was always about given and take… until you stopped giving but never stopped taking. Goodbye.
  • Sometimes you must forget what you feel and remember what you deserve
  • It’s so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.
  • I love you for who you are, not who the world thinks you should be.
  • Relationships are like glass.
    Sometimes it’s better to leave them
    broken than try to hurt yourself
    putting it back together.
  • Never run for a bus, train, or man. When one leaves another arrives.
  • I miss your smile… but I miss mine more.
  • Some people think that it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.
  • I never hate you for not loving me anymore but I hate myself for still loving you.
  • Break up is when you constantly check your messenger to check if she is still available.
  • Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a life time.
  • Each drop of a Tear is Costly
    than anything in World..
    No One knows its value
    until they have it in their own eyes
    For Someone..
  • I guess that I’m da loser
    Cause u hav found some1 new
    But I’m still here, still all alone
    Just crying over you..
  • The hardest part of losing someone
    is when you know that they are
    happier without you,
    and you want them to be happy,
    so you let them go.
  • Relationships are very precious,
    take care of them,
    because it is most painful for you,
    when a person “U Know” becomes,
    a person
    “U Knew”..
  • Learn the wisdom of compromise, it’s better to bend a little rather than to break a relationship forever!
  • The Most Terrible
    The Feeling Of
    Being Unloved,
  • They say follow your Heart
    When your Heart is in so many Pieces,
    Which way are you to Follow?”.
  • aap humhe bhul jaeye.humhe koi gum nahi.aap humhe bhut jaye humhe koi gum nahi.
  • Wo Kisi Ki Dil Lagi Ko Saza Samjne Laga,
    Do Pal Roth K Guzare, To Jafa Samjne Laga,
    Wo Kia Jane k Hum Kitna Roye Unke Baghair
    Wo Baghair Soche Samje Muje Bewfa Samjne Laga…
  • Don’t Ever Regret Your Love…
    Bcoz One Day She Will Find That
    She Lost A Diamond
    While She Was Busy In Collecting More Stones..
  • Aisi bewafaai ki ussne ,
    Mohabbat bhi badnaam ho gayi….
    Apni mohabbat ki itni kimat vasool ki usne,
    Ke hamari arthi bhi nilaam ho gayi..
  • BREAKUPS Aren’t Always
    Meant To Make Up,
    Sometimes They Happen To
    Give You A Chance To WAKE UP…
  • It takes a strong heart to love.
    It takes a stronger heart to continue to love after it has been hurt…
  • Once A Guy who recently had a break off with Her girl friend
    Was asked ….have You left your girl friend or she left you???
    He smiled And answered…
    L0ve left us!!!
  • Time, Health, Friends and Relations,
    Do not come with a price tag,
    But when we lost them,
    We Realize the cost.
    So, treat them carefully.
  • I get so emotional when you’re not around..I think the emotion is called happiness.
  • I know your Life can go on with out me.
    That you can be happy without me.
    That you can survive without me.
    Even if you Turn me away.
    I will still choose to stay with you.Be your Sweetest Stranger Forever.. !!
  • My heart aches to bid you goodbye but I know I have to get out of your aura and treed the path of life alone without your support. I always wish that you be happy and successful in every sphere of life.
  • Sweetest line said by a boy to a girl during their breakup-“still u will be my answer when someone asks, what I’m thinking about”…….!!!!!!!!
  • I hate you, you hate me, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it.
  • Painful Message:
    When a very sweet
    Close person goes too far from us,
    We may or may not say
    Our heart says to their heart
    You Made Me Alone…!
  • A Lost Thing Could I Never Find,
    Nor A Broken Thing Mend
    And I Fear I Shall Be All Alone
    When I Get Towards The End.

Break Up Sms

  • There’s One Sad Truth In Life I’ve Found
    While Journeying East And West –
    The Only Folks We Really Wound
    Are Those We Love The Best.
  • We Flatter Those We Scarcely Know,
    We Please The Fleeting Guest,
    And Deal Full Many A Thoughtless Blow
    To Those Who Love Us Best.
  • I heard someone whisper ur name,
    But when i turned around to see who it was,
    I notice i was alone,
    Then i realize it was my heart
    Telling me that i miss you.
  • Love hurts when u breakup with someone.
    Hurts even more when someone breaks up with you
    But love hurts the most when the person,
    You love has no idea how you feel.
  • Sweetheart, I was born the day I met YOU….
    And died the day YOU left me…
  • It’s over, I am breaking up with you.
  • If my love fails I wont die for her because she might get a boy again but my mom wont get a son like me again….!!!
  • When life changes and we go our separate will still be in my heart til my dyin days.
    I tell no lie this is true.The world has never seen a freind like you.
  • Har ek muskurahat muskaan nahi hoti,
    nafrat ho ya mohabbat asaan nahi hoti,
    ansoo gham ke aur khushi ke ek jaise hote hai,
    inki pehchan asaan nahi hoti…
  • Aankhen hansti hai magar dil yeh rota hai,
    Mante hai jise hum manzil apni,
    Humsafar uska koi aur hota hai…….
  • A broken heart is like a broken mirror
    Its better to leave it broken then to get hurt trying to fix it
  • Guzar gaya yeh din bhi apni Tamam rounakein lekar,
    Zindagi ne Wafa ki to kal phir Milenge..
  • If you really love something set it free.
    If it comes back it’s yours, if not it wasn’t meant to be.
  • Nothing hurts more than realizing
    he meant everything to you,
    but you meant nothing to him.
  • Love is like falling down…
    in the end you’re left hurt,
    scarred, & with a memory of it forever.
  • You are the one who broke my heart,
    You are the reason my world fell apart,
    You are the one who made me cry,
    yet I’m still in love with you & I don’t know Why?
  • If U will leave me,
    I promise U will come back
    Once with your OPEN EYES
    to see my CLOSED EYES..!!

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Break Up Messages

Do you need break up sms? You are at place now where you are going to get break up text messages. You can also send break up greetings to friends. Breakup wishes are collected by experts. You can also use these break up cards texts poems.

  • Behind every successful team there is a very efficient administrative professional.
  • Boss… nothing I can say will ever convey the amount of gratitude, I owe to you for showing me how to have the right attitude. Thanks.
  • You make sure I avoid all brain-drainers and focus on my work. Thank you Boss – You are awesome!
  • It takes a special kind of person to be a great boss —and you do it all so well.
  • You’re more than a boss – you’re a mentor and a leader. Thanks for everything you do.
  • I know u think u broke my heart
    but I knew your game right from the start
    I saw your game and played it 2
    so look here I play the jokes on u!
  • I need to make myself busy
    so I can forget
    I’m deeply hurt and broke.
  • Things have come to the point
    where tolerating heartbreak will be easier
    than tolerating your lies.
    Sorry, but I want to break up with you.
  • Love is a medicine for any kind of wound,
    but there is no medicine found in
    the world for a wound given by love.
  • I don’t regret loving you.
    I don’t regret trusting you.
    I regret giving you
    the power to hurt me
    in a way that
    I’ll never be able to be find again..!!
  • The Only Reaxon Behind
    Broken Relationxhip Iss
    “Either They Think That
    U R Changed
    Their Thinking Abou8
    U Iss Changed”.
  • I Never Felt True
    L0ve Until
    I Was With U
    And I Never Felt
    True Sadness
    Until U Left Me.
  • Jo Zakham Tum Se Mile Hain
    Woh Ab Gine Gey Nahi,
    Chalo Ab Yeh Faisla Kar Lein K
    Milen Gey Nahi, Kabhi
    To Murh Kar Dekhna, Kabhi
    To Ruk Jana Yeh Dikhne K Liye
    K Hum Seh Bhi Sake Hain Ya Nahi…
  • It Hurts When We Risk Our HEART
    & It Ends Up Being BROKEN
    But What Hurts More Is When
    We STILL Hold On When We
    Already Know We Are Waiting For NOTHING …
  • An Inspiring Fact:
    If You Can Still Smile When U R Completely Broken Up,
    Then There Can B Nothing That Can Break U Next Time!
  • Only a few people can feel d rain, others just get wet.Much awesome:
    Only a few PEOPLE can feel d pain of depart, others just find another.
  • “They say follow your Heart
    When your Heart is in so many Pieces,
    Which way are you to Follow?”
  • I threw his framed picture off my balcony just to hear my heart break.
  • Better never to have met you in my dream than
    To wake and reach for hands that are not there.
  • Have i told you lately how much i am in love with you?
    No?? Think about it, have a great life…
  • When You Have
    Loved Unconditionally
    One Person
    Lost That Love …
    It Leaves A Wound
    That Never Heals
    A Sad & Broken
    Heart , A Void Forever
  • I just don’t want to be a relationship right now, but if did it would be with you.
    I just don’t want you.
  • O mujhe se ye keh kar kinaara kar liya…
    ke hume muhabbat nai kisi se na hogi…
    or ek din kisi or k bahoo ko shahara kar liya.
  • You told me to Forget you,
    Tell me How can i Forget you
    When you are Only One who is in My Mind ‘n Heart..
    What will i Remembr when i Forget you…..
  • Tarash kar hum na usey sona bana dia….
    Ab sochtay hain kay usey kharidein kaise….?
  • Mohabbat karne ki saza bemisaal di usne
    Udaas rahne ki aadat daal di usne
    Maine jab jab usko apna banana chaha
    Baato baato me baat taal di usne
  • Pichley Baras Yeh Khof ThaTuje Kho Na Dun Kahin ,
    Ab Ke Baras Dua Hai Tera Saamna Naa Ho !!!
  • 1 stone is enough to break a glass,
    1 sentence is enough to break a heart,
    1 second is enough to fall in love…
    1 sms is enough to keep relation in touch…
    Take care!
  • Mohabbat ki kashti mein sawaar thay hum,
    Socha tha pohoch jayenge chahat ke gaun mein,
    Doobne lage toh hosh aya,
    Hum toh beithe thay kagaz ke naav mein.
  • I always wanted more from you
    Than you were willing to give;
    So now we’ve gone our separate ways
    Each with different lives to live.
  • I’m not sure, but I think that we’re having problems, and maybe we should take some time off.
    You see, I’m not sure how I feel, but maybe we shouldn’t see each other any more.
  • Love will fly if held too lightly.
    Love will die if held too tightly.
    How should I hold you.
    How do I know
    if I’m still keeping you or I’m letting go…
  • As we go on we remembar all the times we had together and
    As our life changes cum whateva we will still be friends forever.
  • Love marriages are never success
    Cuz they never had a pain
    Marriages are made in heaven
    Thats true! Cuz i had failed.
  • Tanhai jab muqaddar mein likhi hai, To kya shikayat apne aur begaane se…
    Hum mitt gaye Jinki chaahat mein Faraz, Woh baaz nahi aate humein aazmaane se.
  • Bhool ja usay jo tere mukadar main nahi hai,
    Kyo hatho ki lakeero ko talash ta hai bar bar
  • Sun liya hum ne faisla tera
    Aur sun ker udaas ho baithey
    Zehan chup chaap ankh hai khaali
    Jaisey hum kianaat kho baithey
  • 3 words
    “i love you”
    Can mean everything
    Or nothing at all.
  • And i shall find some girl perhaps, and a better one than you,
    With eyes as wise, but kindlier, and lips as soft, but true,
    And i daresay she will do. – rupert brooke
  • By the timeyou realise
    The value of people around you.
    It might be the time
    For them to leave you.
    So, never miss a chance
    To say, i care for you.
  • Look, I’m turning 16 soon, and I really just need my freedom!
  • Have I told you latley how much I am in love with you??? No?? Think about it, have a great life…
  • I Will Wait ..
    Till The Day
    “I” Can Forget “You” ..
    The Day
    You Realize
    “You” Cannot Forget “Me” ..
  • One Of The Best Quote,
    Always have a
    BREAKUP! :
  • You said you couldn’t stand to see my heart broken…so
    when you broke it …did you close your eyes?
  • Crying is the only way your eyes talk
    When your mouth can’t explain how things made your heart broken.
  • Time Can Heal A
    Broken Heart,
    Time Can Also Break
    A Waiting Heart … !!!