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  • If someone you love breaks your heart,
    Cry a river,
    Build a bridge,
    And get over it.
  • A star came into my life,now suddenly she disappeared… My way, my life become blank….. Still searching for her.
  • Each drop of a Tear is Costly than anything in World.. But, No One knows it’s value until they have it in their own eyes for Someone.
  • I changed myself for you, and you changed yourself for someone else. How ironic.
  • Great minds contain ideas, solutions and reasons; scientific minds contain formulas, theories and figures; my mind contains only you!
  • If I wasn’t broken
    I may have never known you,
    So break me
    If it brings me to you Allah..
  • Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate,
    No matter how u tried to freeze it,
    it will never return to its original Shape..!
  • A broken heart is like a dog bite.
    The pain will go away,
    But the scar will last forever
  • The more you show your true feelings,
    the more people find ways to hurt you..!!
  • Crying is the only way your eyes speak
    when your mouth can’t explain how
    things made your heart broken..!!
  • We Dont Succeed In Our 1st Love!
    Becoz We Lack Certain Qualites.
    After Achieving Those Qualities,
    We Never Love Again!
  • If you could read my mind, you would be in tears.
  • Lonely people are always up in the middle of the night.
  • Another night, another dream wasted on you.
  • Can’t remember how many nights crying myself to bed just by thinking about those memories.
  • Growing up is a painful process.
    You get more mature but in the same time,
    you lose your childhood faith.
  • God, why do you have to let my heart
    broke every time i met a person,
    i just hate this part of life, and it’s torturing me.
  • Ask me how many times
    My heart has been broken
    And I will tell you to look in the sky
    And count the stars.
  • Tears have no weight yet they transport very heavy emotions.
  • After The Way You Hurt Me,
    I Then Came To Realize
    You Did Not Deserve Me Anyway.
    My Heart Is Not A Toy,
    It Is Real…
    And I Am No Toy Either…
  • Sometime giving someone second chance
    is giving them an extra bullet for the gun
    because they missed you the first time.
  • A broken heart is like a dog bite.
    The pain will go away,
    But the scar will last forever…
  • It Hurt, To Know The One
    I Loved With All My Heart,
    Obviously Did Not Feel The Same Way.
    My Heart Will Always Be Incomplete
    Without Its Other Half..
    Which Will Probably Always Be You.
  • If you succeed in cheating someone,
    Don’t think that the person is a fool…
    Realize that the person trusted you
    much more than you deserved …!!
  • The rain falls because sky can no longer handle its heaviness. Just like tears, it falls because heart can no longer handle pain!
  • Don’t show so much of love
    on anyone
    it creates a non-curable pain
    when they avoid u.
  • It Hurt,
    That Is All I Can Say About It…
    I Gave You My Heart To Keep,
    Not To Break It
    Nothing Hurts Worse Than
    Watching The One You Love,
    Love Someone Else.
  • I Write My Diary Every Night
    I Find Its Pages Wet Next Morning
    Did It Cried ?
  • Everyday I Wait For A Text
    Everyday I Wait For A Call
    Everyday I Wait For An “I Love You.”
    I Hope For A Better Day Tomorrow
    But I Always Find My Self Let Down.
  • I can’t believe you broke my heart as if you were smashing a piece of glass. A glass can be rebuilt, but what about my heart?
  • A broken heart is like a dog bite.
    The pain will go away,
    But the scar will last forever
  • I wrote this after my second heart attack,
    It made me take stock of myselfand that when
    I relized I am not afraid to die and do not think
    People should be sad I believe in a better place.
  • Zindagi Mein Kabhi Koi Aye Na Rabba
    Aye To phir Koi Jaye Na Rabba
    Dene The Jab Mujhe Baad Me Ansu
    To phir Pehle Keun Hasaye Rabba
  • Some Battles Have To Be Fought Alone,
    Some Paths Have To Be Crossed Alone,So Never Be Emotionally Attached With Anyone.
    You Never Know When You Have To Walk Alone
  • We were given:
    To eyes to see
    To ears to hear
    To hands to hold
    To legs to walk
    To arms to hug.
    But why only
    —–>1 heart?<—–
  • Because the other was given to someone else for us to find
  • Jis cheez ko pana chaha wo begani he,
    Haste he to sirf duniya ko hasane k liye,
    Warna in aankho me to paani hi paani hai.
  • Everyone Thinks That Am Happy And Fine…
    Look A Little Closer You Will See Tears In My Eyes…
  • Be slow in choosing a friend and slower while loosing them
    Because friendship is not an opportunity its a sweet rsponsibility.
  • Loneliness Is A Special Enjoyment
    When Chosen By Our Self. . .!!
    But Hard To Digest When Gifted By Others.. 🙁
  • Words From Broken Heart:
    ” I Said My Heart Is Urs..
    I Didnt Say..
    That U Have The Right To Break It..!!
  • The Worst Feeling Isn’t
    Being Lonely .
    Its Being Forgotten By
    Someone You Could Never Forget .
    ‘ LoSt DeSiRe ‘
  • In childhood period we always wanted to grow fast
    now while we are big, we realize that broken pencils and incomplete homework was much better than broken hearts and bitter experiences
  • So I guess that I’m the loser
    Cause you’ve found someone new
    But I’m still here, still all alone
    Just crying over you…
  • The most terrible
    the feeling of
    being unloved.
  • A heart breaking isn’t always as loud as a
    Bomb exploding Sometimes
    It can b as quiet as a feather falling &
    The most hurting thing is, no one really hears it except you.
  • If u can smile at the moment when u r completely broken.
    Then remember.
    There is nothing in this world that can break u next time.
  • It is loneliness that makes the loudest noise.
    This is true of men as of dogs.
  • You hurt me more then I deserve,
    how can you be so cruel?
    I love you more then you deserve,
    why am I such a fool?
  • It hurts to see someone you love ignoring you,
    it also hurts to see that he doesn’t feel your love
  • You treat me like shit for no reason,
    yet I’m still in love with you.
    Stop breaking my heart.
    I just want to love you.
  • Once You Lose Someone’s Trust…
    It’s Hard for Them to Ever Trust You Again…
  • If They Don’t Appreciate Your Presence,
    Perhaps You Should Try Giving Them Your Absence…. ?

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Broken Heart Sms

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  • If you haven’t broken any heart yet, you never loved.
  • This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something.
  • Sometimes
    A good cry
    in the shower
    is all you need,
    to release
    the pain that
    has built up inside.
  • It hurts when we risk our heart
    & it ends up being broken
    but what hurts more is when we
    still hold on when we already know …
    We are waiting for nothing …
  •  Thanks for breaking my heart.
  • Words By Broken Lover You Hurt Me More Than I Deserve.Is It Just Because I Loved You More Than You Deserve?
  • A Painful Phrase Written By A Boy Who Lost His Parents In Tsunami …
    “Sea I Will Never Forgive You Even If Your Waves Touch My Feet Million Times…”
  • The Day Was The Last, The Day Was Gone, The Day Was Sad, The Day Made Me Mad, Cuz You Left My Heart.
  • Some people hurt by words & some by action?
    But the biggest hurt i believe is
    that someone ignoring u
    when u value them bigger than anything else!
  • If its taking all ur strength…
    if its killing your heart…
    if its making you bear too much pain…
    its making you ignore everything else…
    make sure its worth it…
    Otherwise…Let it go..
  • Sometimes, i wish certain people wont tell me that they love me.. Do You know why?
  • so that i don’t waste my time believing their sweetest lies….
  • I changed myself for you and you changed yourself for someone else. How ironic.
  • It is Possible to Cross an Ocean Without Wetting Legs.But It is Impossible to Cross the Life Without Wetting Your Eyes.
  • There is a whole world of pain, hurt, heartache and torture hidden behind my little smile that no one knows of, but you.
  • Who will I call names now? Who will I fight with? Who will I make up with? Who will I make love to? Along with your own exit from my life, you have taken everything away with you. I feel like an empty soul in a world of hate.
  • Everything Is Valuable Only At 2 Times
    First – Before Getting It….
    Second – After Losing It….
  • Time Can Heal A
    Broken Heart,
    Time Can Also Break
    A Waiting Heart … !!!
  • If you can laugh when you are completely broken up,
    then there can be nothing that can break you next time…
  • In every girl’s life, there’s a guy she’ll never ever forget.
    In every guy’s life, there’s a girl he can never get.
  • I really hate to live Alone…
    But it’s better than being hurt Again and Again.. .. ..
  • The Worst Feeling Isn’t
    Being Lonely .
    Its Being Forgotten By
    Someone You Could Never Forget.
    ‘Lost Desire’
  • Don’t ever give up
    If you still want to try,
    Don’t ever wipe your tears
    If you still want to cry.
    Don’t ever settle for an answer
    If you still want to know.
    Don’t ever say you don’t love him
    If you can’t let him go.
  • My Dear YOU are the Flower I unable to PLuck…
    But Still I feel ur Unique fragrance…
    Darling I had heaps of hopes about you..
    And thousands of Snovy dreams about you….
  • I was on a ship thinking of you.
    When i looked down i droped a tear in the ocean.
    Then i promised myself that until someone finds it.
    I wont forget you…
  • When someone loves you,
    You dont realize it when you realize it.its to late.
    You always leave the one who loves you,
    And love the one who leaves you.
  • So Much Pain Behind Those Eyes
    But Still They Don’t Speak Out,
    Don’t Let Know What They Feel ?
    What They Want From Others ?
    How Do They Live Their Life ?
    Why Do They Live Their Life ?
    But Still Cry 0ut In Pain And
    Move On With A Broken Heart….
    When someone very special hurts you so deeply,
    Causes tears in ur eyes.
    And ask,”What Happend”?
    But you just reply,
  • Some broken heart, may never mend,
    Some memories may never end,
    Some wet tears may never dry,
    But my love for you will never die…
  • One who wins in his first effort,wins the life.
    But,one who fails in his 1st effort can win the world.
    Wounded heart is more powerful than normal.
  • Sick Of Crying
    Tired Of Trying
    Yeah I Am Smiling
    But Inside I’M
    Dying . . .!!
    Someone You Could
    Never Forget …
    LoSt DeSiRe
  • If your heart get broken by the one you truly love..
    Dont let go of the love in your heart but let go of the person.
    Youll never know, someone might be worthy of that love.
  • Humari pyas ka andaz bhi bohat munfarid hai ADEEB
    Kabhi daryaon ko thukrate hain to kabi anson tak pi jate hain
  • It’s hard enough when the one you love doesn’t love you back,
    But it is even harder to watch him love someone else.
  • Woh kehtay thay ronay se nahi badalte kisi k naseeb..
    Bas unki isi baat ne zindagi bhar ronay nahi dia..
  • Bar bar tora hai usne meri umed ko mere khalos ko mohsin
    Hum pher b shikwa nahe karte k anjane me hua ho shayed