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  •  Sometime you need to be alone and
    have a serious conversation with your heart.
  • Never take someone feelings for granted.
    For you never know how much courage it took
    to show them to you.
  • When you really love someone
    even if there are million reasons to leave,
    You still look for that one reason to stay.
  •  You make me smile when I want to cry,
    laugh when I want to die.
    You mean a lot m ore to me then you think
    but you’ll never realize…
  • A kiss is something you cannot give
    without taking and cannot take without giving.
  • To the world you might be one person,
    but to one person you might be the world.
  • I wish I was happy, happy without you.
    But I’m not, I’m only happy with you.
  • I don’t want to fall to pieces
    I just want to sit and stare at you.
  • I am missing you so much and can’t help it, i am in love.
  • If you want a long term relationship then follow one simple rule, NEVER LIE.
  • To be honest i just want you.
  • I just wana be the only girl you love all your life.
  • once u fall in love with some u wont fall out of it!!!
  • You Are One Of The Best Things That Has Ever Happened To Me!
  • Ur Perfect Just The Way U r No Matter What People Say!!!!!
  • There Is Only One Happiness In Life, To Love And Be Loved
  • Be the types of person you want to meet.
  • Only yourself is your worst enemy so tell yourself your beautiful and you’ll get through
  • I don’t argue with Idiots. They will just Lower me to their level then Beat me with Experience.
  •  I am too Smart to be, the first thing standing in the Way, of my own Success.
  • History is Written by the Victors … this is why, it’s far from accurate
  • People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you.
  • HAPPINESS is the delicate balance of what one is and what one has. It is the inner joy that can be sought or caught, but never taught or bought.
  • Love started when I saw you, I knew joy when you said you love me too…I knew the power of love when I could not live without you.Love started when I saw you, I knew joy when you said you love me too…I knew the power of love when I could not live without you.
  • Love is just like life, its not always easy and does not always bring happiness. but when we do not stop living why should we stop loving..
  • Sweet drops of flavored honey that’s you
    Delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream that’s you
    Strong, determined and faithful still you..
  • If you love someone, put their name in a circle, instead of a heart, because hearts can break, but circles go on forever…
  • Whenever u want to know how rich u are,
    Don’t count Ur resources,
    Just drop a tear
    look around at the number of hands
    that reach out to wipe ur tears!!!
  • When I needed someone badly no one is there for me.
  • Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this.
  • I am feeling jealousy with my heart because you are forever in it, but far away from my sight.
  • I have liked many but loved very few, yet no-one has been as sweet as you, I would stand and wait in the worlds longest queue, just for the moment with you..
  • LIFE is a LIE when F is missing. ‘F’ is nothing but your friendship. Hope I will never miss this ‘F’ ever in my LIFE…
  • My Silence doesn’t mean I’m gone.My quietness doesn’t mean I’m dead. But deep in my heart, anywhere &anytime u r always remembered, cared, loved & missed.
  • There is no meaning of DAY without SUN,
    There is no meaning of NIGHT without MOON,
    There is no meaning of SEA without WATER,
    There is no meaning of ME without U.
  • Never blame any day in your life.
    Good days give u happiness,
    Bad days give u experience.
    Worst days give u a lesson.
    Have a good morning and great day ahead.
  • A special smile a special face,
    A special someone no one can replace.
    I love you and always will,
    You’ve filled a space no one could fill.
  • Sending you 1000 smiles,
    Take one for now,
    And keep the remaining 999 under ur pillow,
    Pickout 1 every morning,
    Because i want to see u smiling always.
  • Behind the eye-shadow.
    And the long brushed hair.
    There’s a sign on our heart.
    Saying “Handle with Care.”
  • Simple Bye makes us cry,
    Simple joke makes us Laugh,
    Simple care makes us fall in Luv,
    Simple Touch makes us feel better,
    But i hope my simple MSG makes u smile!
  • I just can’t stay away from you
    Not for a minute, not for a second, not for a nano-second
    Not for … well, any point of time
    I wanna be with you always
    Send this to a nice person. I just did. Only the open heart receives
  • May God increase ur happiness like prices of petrol,
    And decrease sorrows like clothes of Bipasha Basu.
  • You will be doing anything For the one you love….
    Except love them again.
  • Love is when mommy gives daddy the best piece of chicken.
  • Many people will walk in and out of your life,
    But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
  • A memory is golden, maybe that is true. I never wanted memories. I only wanted you sweet as a rose, cute as a kitten is what you are.
  • With you by my side…
    There’s always a rainbows in my heat!
  • Cutest proposal ever by a boy of 5th standard-
    Boy – Do u hug your teddy bear while sleeping at night??
    Girl- Yes!
    Boy- Can I replace it for d rest of your life?
  • A kid: Asked his pregnant mom that what is in your stomach?
    Mom:  there is a cute baby in it. Kid:
    If he is so cute han why did you ate him…
  • When you feel lonely,
    Remember that always have someone
    Thinking about you
    … and in most cases, this is me
  • Some people come in your life as blessings,
    Others come in your life as a lesson.
  • Marriage lets you annoy one special
    Person for the rest of your life.
  • Being Sad with the right people is better than
    Being happy with the wrong ones…
  • The inevitable truth of life:
    Everyone in our life is going to
    hurt u sooner or later.
    U just has to realize who worth’s more?
    The pain or the person??
  • Look closely at the present
    you are constructing.
    It should look like the
    future you are dreaming.
  • A pessimist is a man
    who looks both ways
    when he crosses the street.

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Sending cute text messages is the best way to keep in touch with friends. Here we have sweet cute messages. You can also use them as cute facebook status.  Messages of cute forwards can be used as fb cute statuses. You can also use short cute sms and send on mobile.

  • ♥ ♥ ♥••A cute story of a school boy• •• ♥ ♥ ♥
    I never did my home work,
    to get punishment
    of standing in front
    … of my princes table just to
    see her for the whole period.
  • Do you know that
    you’re nice, you’re sweet,
    you’re thought of day by day,
    you’re special, and you’re kind,
    but there’s one thing wrong

    about you.. you’re not mine!

  • Heart is like a bottle of perfume. If you never open it, nobody knows the fragrance inside it.
    If you keep it always open soon you will loose your fragrance.
  • What Is Both Easy As Well As Difficult In Life ?
    Ans : MISTAKE
    Easy To Judge When Others Do It .
    Difficult To Recognize & Realize When We Do It.
  • Popularity can sweep u off your feet & create an imbalance. Don’t make it your goal in life because popularity comes without an invitation & leaves without a farewell.
  • I wish I was a teddy bear, that lay upon your bed,
    so every time you cuddled it, you cuddled me instead.
  • It is a
    M”ind touching”
    L”ong lasting”
    E”ffect which Wins the hearts..
    Yes…It’s your “SWEET SMILE”
    So Keep smiling always, good morning!
  • A kiss says it all
    And here’s one to say
    That I’m thinking of you.
  • You are IN my mind every second of the day. But if you want, you can be IN my house right now.
  • To have you as my girl is my honor. Be with me always!
  • The world can cry foul by seeing you with me, but everything is fair in love and war.
  • I love thinking about him..this is love!!!!!!!!
  • To my hubby, I hope that you are thinking of me as you eat your lunch today, know that I am thinking of you, and cannot wait until we can be together again this evening.
  • Nice people are blessed people, ever friendly, always smiling, forgive easily, hold no grudges and keep no malice. Send this to a nice person. I just did. Only the open heart receives
  • LOVE
    Only the open mind receives
    Only the open hand receives
    Only the CUTE 1’s receive
  • Flowers die,
    Stories End,
    Songs Fade,
    Memories are forgotten,
    All things come to End,
    “Precious People” Like “You”
    Are always remembered.
  • You are the sun in my day,
    The wind in my sky,
    The waves in my ocean,
    And the beat in my hear
  • When youur fear touches
    Someones pain, it becomes pity,When your love touches
    Someones pain,it becomes compassion
  • Trouble is a part of your life,
    And if you don’t share it, you don’t
    Give the person that loves you
    Enough chance to love you enough.
  • Just a line…to keep in touch…
    Because you are on my mind so very much…
    And even though, I’ve nothing to say…
    U’ll know…I thought of you today…
  • Education Gives Quality of Life
    Money Gives Quality of Respect
    Wife Gives Quality of Love
    MY Friendship Gives Quality of Life
    And Pure Heart Relations Till Death…
  • All Beautiful Things Start From HEART
    And All Bad Things Start From MIND…
    Never LET The Mind Rule ur Heart …
    Let The HEART Rule Your Life…
  • It’s A Horrible Thing To See Your
    Lost Love Walk Past You With Another Girl,
    And It’s The Worst Thing To Know
    That You Made
    A Mistake In Letting Him Go
  • YOU go to bed tonight,
    I ordered bats to guard YOU tight.
    I told some ghosts to dance in white,
    And to make sure Ur alright,
    I’ll ask the Dracula to kiss Ur neck.
  • Last night I sent an angel to watch over you while you were sleeping but it came back early!
    So I asked it why? It said that angels don’t watch over other angels!
  • I asked God for a flower, He gave me a garden.
    Asked for a tree, he gave me a forest. Asked for a river,
    He gave me an ocean. I asked for a friend, He gave me you.
  • A friend is sweet when it’s new but it is sweeter when it’s true!
    But you know what? It’s sweetest when it’s you.
  • Those innocent eyes, those kissable lips, a great smile,
    The perfect walk, smoothest talk, absolute gorgeous,
    Thats enough bout me… how are you ?
  • Love is like “missed call”.
    It stops when YOU try to catch.
    But Friendship is like “sms”
    Because it comes and stays inside Ur Inbox
    Until YoU delete it.
    So its upto you to keep and value a friend!
  • In soft gleaming night of stars,
    May all your dreams come true.
    May every star of every night,
    Bring love and joy to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
  • Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you,
    Someone thinks about you, someone needs you;
    but it feels much better when you know that
    Someone never ever forgets your birthday.
  • He museum curator called today and spoke in animated tones.
    He has a team of scientists who want to carbon date your bones!!
    Have a great birthday
  • CUTE people r like wind. You can only feel their presence & sincerity. Now dont look here n there to find them. Just luk at the name of the sender…!
    🙂 gd mrng.
  • If i were a tear in ur eye i wood roll down onto ur lips.But if u were a tear in my eye i wood never cry as i wood be afraid 2 lose u!
  • M-ake the most of it.
    O-pen your heart and mind.
    R-emember to thank God.
    N-ever frown
    I-magine me
    N-othing to worry.
    G-ood Morning!
    Wish you have nice day & ofcourse good morning:)
  • cute feeling..;
    my hands never pain while typing message for you..;
    but my hearts always feel pain when there is no reply 4rm u..
  • I ask Allah 2 make u happy, make u smile, guide u safely, though every mile, grant u wealth, give u health & most of all grant u paradise.
  • Help, the police put me in prison for looking so damn beautiful!.. they said i need an ugly bastard to get me out… hurry up

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