Good Night Picture Messages

Good Night messages


Good Night messages

sweet good night picture messages
Good Night messages

Good Night messages

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Good Night Sms

Sending good night text messages is the best way to keep in touch with friends. Here we have cute good night texts and good night messages. You can also use good night wishes as good night facebook status to share on your FB walls.  You can also use short good night sms fwds and send on mobile.

  • i wish that God would hold u tite. i hope that angels will
    keep u in site. Now just2make sure u feel all rite, i”m
    gonna wish u a wonderful nite! sleep tite!!
  • In The Silence of Night When the Voices are Few!
    I Pray To Allah To Take Care Of U,
  • Tiredness Draws across the Mind,

    Making the Body Fade Flexibility,


    Soon Window of Soul Begin to Close


    Enter The Dreamland,

    Good Night.

  • Chandani Raat Mein Our Bhi Shiddat Se Aaye Gi Us Ki Yaad,

    Behtar Hai Faraz So Jana Sham Se Pehle,

    Good Night..

  • Before I sleep,
    I count my blessings instead of problems.
    I make sure
    I sleep happy and grateful.
    Good night.
  • + / +
    “*\ good //*”
    // Night \”+”
    ¤/ ¤.
    Have a sweetest night…
  • After the sun stops shining,
    And the days that people led,
    It’s time to stop working,
    And calmly go to bed.
    Good night!
  • A shining ANGEL stands beside ur silky bed,
    Calling ur nice Name so softly,
    Throwing flowers on yoU
    nd saying Good Night nd Sweet Dreams
  • A Sleepy Msg From A Sleepy Friend
    To A Sleepy Friend For A Sleepy Reason
    In A Sleepy Mood At A Sleepy Time
    With A Sleepy Style To Say Sleepy Sleepy.
    Good Night 🙂

Good Night Sms

  • The sun has gone to bed,
    The stars rule the skies.
    May the gentle breeze of the nite whisper
    sweet scripts to u and gently nudge ur eyes 2 sleep.
    Gud nite and sweet dreams.
  • At this moment 3.7 millons are sleeping,
    2.3 millons are falling in love,
    4.1 millon are eating
    and only one person in the whole world
    is reading my sms Good Night SMS.

good night messages

    Are Like STARS …
    You May Never Touch
    THEM … But
    If You Follow THEM
    …THEY Will LEAD You
    To Your DESTINY … =)
    Good Night
  • G. Go 2 Bed
    O. Off d Lights
    O. Out O Tension
    D. Dreams Come
    N. Nice Sleep
    I. Ignore Worries
    G. Get Up Early
    H. Have A Nice Day
    T. Thank God Always
  • On this cold night,
    In my small small room,
    I look at the bright bright stars,
    In the dark dark sky
    And dream of your sweet sweet smile
    On Ur cute cute face.
    Good Night
  • ‘ 12 ‘ .
    9 !/ 3
    ‘ . 6 . ‘
    . ‘ 12 ‘ .
    9 !_ 3
    ‘ . 6 . ‘
    . ‘ 12 ‘ .
    9 _! 3
    ‘ . 6 . ‘
    still awake?

Good Night Messages

Do you need good night messages? You are at place now where you are going to get good night greetings. You can also send good night text messages to friends. Goodnight wishes are collected by experts. You can also use these goodnight cards texts in good night statuses.


  • shhhhhh…I’m Walking Slowly
    Bcoz U Mi8 B Sleping …
    I’ll Just Lev My Msg 4 U:
    “GuD NI8 & SWT DRMS”
  • Smile is the Best Credit Card.
    Bcoz it is Accepted World Wide,
    Auto Reload,
    Unlimited Usage,
    No Payment,
    at all makes every1 Happy.
    So keep Smiling.

    Good Night

  • Saying Good night is not a Formality
    or Due to free message,
    It’s the art of Saying that
    I remember you in “My last minute of the Day ”
    Good Night.
  • A bed of clouds for U to sleep,
    Diamond stars as ur bed side lamp,
    Angels from heaven singing lullabies for U,
    May asleep peacefully, Good night..
  • See moon has come to wish U…
    a lovely night with many dreams…
    Have A Nice Nigh.
  • Begin the day with a light heart.
    Let all your worries be swept aside at night.
    Smile a moment and thank God,
    for every moment He cares for you all the way.
    Good Night.
  • The night walked down
    the sky with the moon in her hand.
  • Shut Down Your Eyes,
    Log On Some Memories, Download Some Dreams, Save Some Joys,
    Delete All Your Sorrows.. Have A Nice Sleep
  • Let the most beautiful dream come to u tonight,
    Let the sweetest person come in ur dream tonight….
    But dont make it a habit bcoz I m not free every night.
  • No matter the sky is black or blue, no matter there”s stars
    or moon, as long as ur heart is true, sweet dreams will always
    be wif u. Gd Nite!
  • Hi Moon!!! Dim Ur light…
    Hello Wind!!! Breeze Soft…
    Hi Flower!!! Blossom Slowly.
    Hello Earth!!! Spin Gently….’Coz My sweet friend is going to sleep….Good Night…..
  • When the Stars are Shining and the Flowers Are Dew!
    I Pray to Allah to Take Care of U,When the Sun is Sleeping and the Clouds Are in Queue!
    I Pray to Allah to Take Care of u…

    Good Night

  • You R The Reason, Why I Have Sleepless Nights, You R The Reason Why I Tend To Hold My Pillow Tight, & You R The Reason I Cant Sleep Without Saying, Good Night.
  • Kal Raat, Bohat Dino Baad,
    Kitab Kholi To Ehsas Hua Sagar
    Kitaben Khol Ke Jo Neend Aati Hai
    Wo Lassi Pi Ke Bhi Nahi Aati.
    Try it….
    Good Night.
  • Rabt e Rooh Toot Sa Jata Hai Shab K Us Pehar
    Jab Wajd Karti Hain Teri Yaadain,
    Mere Khwabon Ki Chokhat Par
    Good Night
  • In tis lovely nite, I pray 2 the blue moon 2 protect U thru the nite, the wind 2 blow away ur stress N the twinkle stars 2 guide U the way, sweet dreams G00d Nite
  • Good night my very special friend,I pray you lay in rest,And may tomorrow bring you,Much love and happiness. do not think of me…i m in ur eyes.
  • Deepak agar noor na hota,
    Tanha dil majboor na hota,
    Hum aapko “good night” kahne
    Khud aate agar aapka ashiyana itna dur na hota.
    Have a lovely night.
  • u might b sleeping
    U might b awake
    there’s a feeling i
    just cant shake…
    I know deep inside
    this feeling is right
    the uncontrolable
    urge 2 say….
  • Whenever you have a DREAM inside your HEART,
    Never let it go coz DREAMS are the TINY SEEDS,
    Have a wonderful dream tonight?
  • Touch ur heart;
    Close ur eyes;
    Make a wish;
    Say Goodnight;
    Sky so wide,
    Stars so bright,
    Turn off the lights,
    and say Good Night
  • Hai Moon! Dim Your Light…
    Hello Wind ! Breeze soft..
    Hai flower! Blossom Slowly..
    Hello Earth! spin gently..
    Becoze My Dear friend is going to sleep!… Good Night.
  • Sun is upset and the Moon is happy,
    Because sun is missing you,
    And Moon is gonna be with you,
    For rest of the Night,
    Have a Wonderful Night.
  • Life had many sleepless nights
    Never saw you in my sight,
    My love is like sunlight
    My love don’t fight,
    Now good night.
  • Traveling in the flight in the night, thinking about you light makes polite and delight
    Totally what I want to say is goodnight
  • Stars lights Stars bright,
    You are the only Star
    I see tonight,
    I wish I might be there
    Guarding your
    Dreams tonight
    Good night and Sweet Dreams
  • Dreams are the best part of life…
    If you missed sleep,
    You miss the best part of life.
    So go to bed and catch sweet dreams
  • Night is longer than day
    for those who DREAM
    & day is longer than nights for those
    who make their DREAMS come true.
    Wish you Good Night & Sweet Dreams.
  • The love we shared will see u through,
    Hold on with all your might,
    To all the faith and love we shared
    For this is just Good-Night.
  • Here are my SPECIAL WISHES for you tonight:
    A Night Full of Love, A Peaceful Sleep,
    A Beautiful Dream, and A prayer that will come true!
    Good Night…!
  • I was looking out the windows
    thinking about the person
    I care most &
    the person that came into my mind
    is U so just want to wish u good night.
  • As U goes 2 beds tonight,
    I ordered bats 2 guard U tight.
    I told some ghosts to dance in white,
    And 2 make sure Ur alright,
    I’ll ask the Dracula 2 kiss Ur neck.
  • Dream touches your heart and soul.
    It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality.
    Hope you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight…
    Good night!

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