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  • “Lady Teacher: “Transparent Word Ka Example Do”
    Ladka: “Aapki Dress Mein Se Red Bra Dikh Rahi Hai”
    Teacher Gusse Se: “You Bloody, Kuch To Sharam Kar”
    Ladka Masumiyat Se: “Mam, Tabhi To Nahi Bola Ki Panty Bhi Fati Hui Hai.;
  • I would like to suck you…
    lick you..
    Would like to move my tongue all over you..
    Will be fun to feel you in my mouth
    yeap, that’s how you
    eat an ice cream! hahahahaaha
  • Girls hostel mein ladkiyan cycle chala
    rahi thi
    aur bahut chilla rahi thi.
    Madam boli: shor mat karo,
    dheere se maza lo varna kal cycle
    mein seet lagwa dungi.????
  • In a bath room, a boy touches a girl everywhere!
    You Know whose that boy?
    Stupid It’s Lifeboy Soap!
    Dirty people always tink dirty.
  • raat bhar wo aayi nahi hum hila hila kar so gaya
    jo hum hila rahe woh pankha tha ..aur jo nahi aayi vo bijli
    sudhar jao kamino
    har sms non veg nahiu hota
  • ye lo pakro
    kya kharra karon
    ye lo g ab sub se zaida uoncha ho gya mera payara parcham
  • Larkon ko lrkiyon
    Kay bary bary pasand hoty hain,
    Larkiyan jab chalti hen to un k hilte huye bauhat pyare lagty hen,Kya?..Socho?



    Nahi pata?



    Un k pyary pyary bary bary










    Tu Mummay smjha na?
    saale tharki..

  • When the land and sky seems to swap duties
    When cool breeze seems to be hot on you
    When hope is tighten to a tree with a thick rope
    And you think you can’t cope
    RELAX! Eclipse is for a short period.
  • A couple visit a art gallery,
    husband keeps watching a Photo of a girl covered by leaves
    wife ask him “ab chele?… ya … hawaa aane ke bad?………..
  • know exactly how most women feel about wanting to please their man, and wanting to be loved unconditionally.
  • Word to the mods: if you see fit to close this thread sorry…
    I thought it was at least worth a try.
  • I guess you’re not a very creative person, are you?
    Here, have a wing at this and this….
  • Koie na milay to qismat sy gila nahi karty,
    Aksar log mil kr bi mila nahi karty
    Har shaakh par bahaar aati ha zaror,
    Par har shaakh par phool khila nhi krty
  • Pain of missing a harami friend is realized when u r alone watching a gang of sexy girls & u don’t have anybody by your side to say:“Bhenchod Mammay Dekh”
  • A teacher ask”wot part of the body goes to heaven first?”
    A child replies”feet- coz every nite i c my mum with her
    Feet in the air screamin GOD I’M COMIN!
  • Miss: What should be in a book to make it a bestseller?
    Student: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl.
    When girls wear tight fittings,
    neither they are
    Boys are happy.
  • A good date ends on dinner &
    An awesome date ends on breakfast.
  • Sales girl: sorry, You can’t smoke here,
    Customer : but i bought cigarettes from here
    Salesgirl : sir we sell condoms too,
    but it doesn’t mean you start fucking here.
  • Text: I want to suck you, lick you.
    wanna move my tongue all over you…
    wanna feel you in my mouth…
    yep, that’s how u…eat an ice cream.
  • Happiness is like penis;
    always looks small
    if u hold it in your hands
    but when u learn to share it,
    you will realize how big & precious it is!

Text: I want to suck you, lick you.
wanna move my tongue all over you…
wanna feel you in my mouth…
yep, that’s how u…eat an ice cream.

Happiness is like penis;
always looks small
if u hold it in your hands
but when u learn to share it,
you will realize how big & precious it is!

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Dirty Messages

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  • True Love is like a pillow.
    You could Hug it when Ur in trouble.
    You could Cry on it when Ur in pain.
    You could Embrace it when Ur happy.
    Want True Love?
    Spend Rs.50 buy a Pillow.
  • Wo Konsa Time Hy Jo Mard Ko 10
    mint Me Thaka dta Hy
    Orat Chahti hy K Wo Krta rahy
    KAKA teri Soch nhi badl

Dirty Text Sms

  • In Which Situation, Do Men Start Sweating
    In 10 Mins and Women Want To Go ON and ON and ON?
    Think.. Think..
    Ans is SHOPPING!
    God Bless Your Naughty Mind!
  • Doctor: Mrs. Taniya good news for you!
    Girl: What do you mean Mrs. Taniya? Iam Miss Taniya!
    Doctor: Oh !! Sorry Miss Taniya…Bad news for you!
  • She is Hot!

    She Is Sweet!

    She Always Need a Lip 4 Kiss

    Whole WORLD MAD 4 HER!

    Who Is She?

    Do You know?


    chai piyo, mast jiyo…

  • Jab ladki sare kapde nikal deti hai to kya
    hota hai ???
    Almari khali ho jati hai..
    Soch badlo, Desh badlega!
  • App Mujhay
    Aik jaga
    Se bohat
    Lagtay hain.?

    Malooum hai kahan Se ?


  • Smile is the 2nd best thing YOU do with ur lips.
    Of course you know the first one…
    It’s keeping ur mouth shut. :
    But I like the way YOU think! 😉
  • This is a c**k sucker detector
    Please blow in the phone….. .. scanning….
    The test was positive 90percent sperm breath…
  • Mommy I just found out that the little boy next door has a penis like a peanut” Mommy:”u mean its small?”Little Girl:”No its salty”
  • What do a clitoris, an anniversary and a toilet have in common? Men always miss them.
  • What’s a male chauvinist pig? A guy who hates every bone in a woman’s body, except his own
  • When i look at the sun i see you !when i look at the moon i see you !when i look at the sea I see you…
  • well get out of my way!

dirty text messages

  • Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla.
  • Uff plzz plzz aur karo naaa
    dabao naa, zara zor se
    aisa karo apni shirt nikalo
    apni pant bhi nikal do
    meri saadi bhi nikal do
    ab zorse dabao aur dabao naa
    bahut tight hai plz.
    aur Zorse!plz karo naa plz……,
    ho gaya na suitcase bannd.
  • Le kar tu dekho kabhi mera bhi
    Na ziada lamba hai Na ziada chota
    sub k samne lo
    Ya tanhai me lo
    sharmao mut bus ab le lo
    kiya bhala
  • BOY: poora under gaya?
    GIRL: ouch…… haaan
    BOY: tight hay zyada lug tou nahi raha na?
    GIRL: haan thora thora.
    Boy: oye maqsood baji ko 8 number wala joota dikha
  • A Boy Was Going With His G.F.
    Frnd Asked : Who Is She?
    Boy : My Cousin…
    . The Frend Said: Last Year She Was My Cousin….!
  • Master jee: Dunya Gol hai,
    Pappu: Aap kehte hain to maan leta hun waise papa kehte hain k dunya bari BAHENCHOD hai..
  • man:I would like to buy some dog food?
    Salesman: do u have a dog?
    Man:at home
    Saler:i am sorry cant sell u unless i see dog.
    its Store policy
  • Jelly Baby goes 2 the Dr & says “Dr i’ve got aids” Dr replys “U cant have aids ur a jelly Baby” Jelly Baby says “yes but Dr i’ve been sleepin wiv ALLSORTS!
  • Sexy miss ny class main bachon sy pucha?
    Mery marny k baad meri qabar py kia likha hoga?
    Last seat py betha bacha bola
    Mohtarma pehli bar akeli so rahi hain..
  • B0Y: Aaj Kesa FeeL Kar Rahi Ho ?
    GIRL: Kal Raat Ko Tu Had Hi Hogai,
    Uff 2 Ghante Meri To Jaan Hi Nikal Gai,
    Sare Kaprey Geelay Hogaye Thay,
    Pehle To 1 Ghanta Karte Thay,
    Magar Kal To Poore 2 Ghante Tak Sans Hi Nai Aayi,
    1 Ghanta ßhi ßohat Tha,
    Aakhir 2 Ghante Tak LIGHT 0FF KARNE Ki Kya Zarurat Thi WAPDA Walon Ko..;-)
  • Aik gandah msg sunao??
    Ek larka tha.
    Ek din wo gattar main gir gaya.
  • Jab rat ko
    koi Tum per
    char jey,
    Apni Monchoon
    se Tum ko
    Apni Balon wali
    Tangen Tum
    par pherey
    Samajh jana ye