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Funny picture messages

Funny picture messages

Funny picture messages

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best funny picture messages

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Funny Sms

Sending funny text messages is the best way to keep in touch with friends. Here we have cute funny texts and funny sms. You can also use funny messages as funny facebook status to share on your FB walls.

  • American Girl
    Kiss Me Infront Of Everyone,
    Indian Girl
    Lets Go In The Corner And Kiss Me
    Pakistani Girl: Jaldi Kro,
    Light NA AA JAYE..;-)
  • “U r my Best Wife?” ;Though for the day!
    First they put so many mirrors in cars,
    and they call women, bad drivers’!
  • Difference between Friend & Wife
    U can Tell ur Friend
    “U r my Best Friend”
    Do u have courage tell to ur Wife.
  • Judge 2 Santa:
    Faansi Se Pehle Teri Koi Aakhri Khwaaish??


    Santa: Mere Pair Upar Aur
    Sar Niche Karke Faansi Dedo..!

  • If marvari girls sell the PAPITA in the market than we boys have some great fun with the:
    As they say
    “Papi to ly lo”
    “Papi to ly lo”
    Responses Of Kiss;
  • Man 1:- I Do Not Want To Marry Becoz I Am Afraid Of ALL Women..

    Man 2:- Get Married Soon, Then U Will Be Afraid Of Only ONE Woman &Start Loving Other Women……

  • If U Break Our Friendship:
    I’ll Hang Myself With Noodles,
  • Teacher to pathan: can u translate the following sentence in a single English word?
    Moti larki intezaar kar rahi hai? Pathan: Motivating…..
  • Cut My Hand With A Rubber Knife,
    Blast My Head With Water Pistol,
    Stop Smiling
    I’m Serious
  • Line marnay k bohat say tarekay hay jis may say 3 mandarja zail hay. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    1: Pencil se.
    2: Pen se.
    3: Marker se.
    Be positive yar ;
  • Dost pathan se:
    “tum to aj doctor kay pas janay wale thay ,kyun nae gaye?”
    pathan:”yara hum kal jaey ga aaj hamara tabiat kharab hai…
  • True Love is like a pillow.
    U could HUG it when Ur in trouble.
    U could CRY on it when Ur in pain.
    U could EMBRACE it when Ur happy.
    Want True Love?
    Spend Rs.50 buy a Pillow.
  • Just found a new way to combat global warming.
    Blow all those candles off your birthday cake now!
  • When i open my eyes every morning i pray to God that everyone should have a friend like you…. Why should only i suffer!!!
  • If I was an artist,
    you would be my picture!
    If I was a poet,
    you would be my inspiration!
    If I was an author you would be my story!
    But I’m only a cartoonist!
  • Dream makes everything possible, Hope makes everything work, Luv makes everything beautiful, Smile makes all the above… So always Brush ur Teeth
  • Do u know similarity between Dinosaurs and Decent Girls?
    Both don’t exist.
  • Monday went on Tuesday 2 Wednesday and asked Thursday whether Friday has told Saturday that Sunday is a holiday. Have a Great Sunday…
  • In a train, ticket checker to a saint: Ticket please!
    Saint: I don’t have.
    TT: Where do you want to go?
    Saint: Lord Ram’s birth place, Ayodhya!
    TT: Come, lets go!
    Saint: Where?
    TT: Lord Krishna’a birth place, Jail.

Funny Messages

Sending funny text messages is the best way to keep in touch with friends. Through funny messages make your friends happy and glad. Here we have cute funny texts and funny sms. You can as well use funny messages as funny facebook status to share on your FB walls. Hope you will like it. As well share our website with your friends.


  • There are two types of broken people:
    1. Who cry alone in darkness.
    2. Who cry on Facebook with 100 others!
  • Husband: u will never succeed
    in making that dog obey u!
    Wife: Nonsense it’s only a matter of patience,
    I had a lot of trouble with u at first.
  • Impact of Movies:

    Teacher: – Who is Mahatma Gandhi?

    Student:- He is the one who helped
    Munna Bhai to impress his girlfriend!

  • Women’s tongue and men’s eyes rest –
    only when they die!
  • Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems,
    I’m tired of solving them for you.
  • I always try to cheer myself up by singing when I get sad.
    Most of the time, it turns out that my voice is worse than my problems.
  • They say that love is more important than money,
    but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug?
  • An invisible man married an invisible woman.
    The kids were nothing to look at either.
  • Life is like Temple Run.
    You run endlessly to reach nowhere,
    collecting coins, and then use those coins
    to run more efficiently to get nowhere.
  • Boys insult each other,
    but they really don’t mean it.
    Girls complement each other
    but they don’t mean it either.
  • Height Of Attitude
    Teacher: Why R U Talking During My Lesson?
    Student: Why R U Teaching During My Conversation..!!
    Panga Iz N0t Changa Wid Da Students;->
  • Wife : I will die.
    Husband : I will also die.
    Wife : why do u want to die?
    Husband : because main itni khushi bardasht nahi kar sakta.
  • Sardar was writing something very slowly. Friend asked: Why r u writing so slowly? Sardar: Im writing 2 my 6 yr old son, he cant read very fast.
  • Ultimate Insult:
    A Boy texts a girl.
    Boy: Hey.
    Girl: Hi! What are you doing?
    Boy: Texting the most beautiful girl of the world.
    Girl: Aww How cute!
    Boy: Ya! But she is not replying so I’m texting you!
  • Hi,
    Doing nothing?
    Then make a place,
    4 Me in ur heart!!
    I may come there any time!
    Ur’s faithfully,
    “Heart Attack”
  • Kabhi kushi kabhi gam (Mere sms na hoga kam) Kabhi alvida na kahna (Sms kar…
  • Why do U think I SMS u ?
    Is it because I care ? Or I miss u ?
    Or I love u ? Or I need You ? No ! It’s b’coz…
  • pathan, jungle se guzer raha tha k 1 churaail ne kaha main tumhy nahi jany don gi pathan hath mila teri bahan mery ghar hy
  • Interviewer:what is skeleton?
    Sardar:Sir, skeleton is a person
    who started dieting but forgot to stop it..!!!
  • Dunya ki 4 heraan-kun haqiqten . .
    Haqiqat 1:
    Ap apni saans rok k apne eyes ko close ni kr sakte,
    Haqiqat 2:
    Pehli haqiqat parhne k bad tamam bewaqof
    ye karne ki koshish krenge,
    Haqiqat 3:
    Ab aap hans rahe hen Q k ap bewaqof ban gaye hen,
    Haqiqat 4:
    Ab aap apne doston ko b bewaqof banayen ge::)
  • Wo kon sa Waqt ho ga
    Jab bahi behn ka nahi,
    Maan beti ki nahi,
    Baap baty ka nahi…..

    Pathan: Aftari ka waqt..

  • Aik pathan ne Veena Malik se masjid ka chanda manga.
    Veena : ap log to kehte hen k mera paisa naapak hai?
    Pathan : tumhary paison se hum BATHROOM banaey gy..
  • 1 ldki prfum lga k bus pe chadi. Ldke ne coment pas kiya.
    Aajkl phinel ka use kuch zyada h hota hai.
    Ldki boli fir bhi cockroch picha nhi chorte.
  • A Pathan was asked in jail.
    What did you do?
    Pathan: I robbed a bank
    and deposited all the money in the same bank.
  • Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.
  • Independence a Precious gift of God.
    May We Always Remain Independent Ameen.
    A Very Happy Independence Day To You.
  • Everyone, except me, wants to become amillionaire. I want to become a billionaire.
  • My golden words for your birthday…”Smile while you still have teeth!”
  • Wht Hurts more dan losing a luvd one…??……
    Solving the final accounts and finding dat ur balance sheet doesnt tally…!
  • Arjun:I can aim & shoot the eye of a fish:
    I can break that fish’s eye’s cell’s mitochondria’s protein’s terminal amino acids’ peptide bond…
    MIND IT!
  • True… marriages are made in heaven,
    After all haven’t we experienced with every bit of it..
    Including the thunder and lightning!
  • If Money Ever Grew On Trees. . .
    Girl’s Wouldn’t Mind Dating with Monkey sues…
  • Q: What do you get when you cross an elephant and a fish ?A: Swimming trunks!
  • The two most difficult things to achieve are:
    1. To plant someone’s money in your pocket!
    2. To plant your idea in someone’s head!!
    The one who succeeds in both is….
    A Wife!!
    And the one who fails in both is a Husband!
  • i never make d same mistake twice.
    3 times, mayb 4, but never twice.
  • A guy in plane
    stood up & shouted
    All passengers got scared & raised
    From other end Of the plane a guy
    shouted back
    “Hi JOHN”
  • A jealous woman does better research than FBI.
    A determined guy can hide secrets than CIA.
  • The only thing good that can possibly
    be said about Monday is that it is only
    four days away from Friday.
  • My Mothers MENU had only two items:
    1: Eat it
    2: Leave it.
  • If your legs open up faster than Google’s homepage.
    You are not girlfriend material.