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  • A boy was driving a car; a girl was trying to overtake him rashly. Boy: “Hey…Buffalo!” Girl Shouts back: “You Pig, Donkey, Stupid!” Then her accidents and hits the buffalo crossing the road. Moral: Girls never understand what boys say!
  • 1 Pathan Namaz parh raha tha
    To dosra usky bare mai kesi ko bata raha tha ke yai boht Namazi owr naik banda hai.
    Pathan Namaz thor kar bola:
    Es ko bolo ke “hum ne Haj bhi kia hai”
  • Guns don’t kILL people
    Dads with Pretty Daughters
    KILL people.
  • It’s Perfectly Legal To
    Kill Someone In Your
    That’s Why
    I Wake Up With A Smile Everyday
  • I wish a wish for u.
    Da wish i wish for few.
    Da wish i wish for u is dat your all wishes come true
    So, keep on wishing as my all wishes are with you.
  • a girl’s speaking 2 a boy……..
    u r very handsome.
    u r very cute.
    u r very sweet.
    i can’t call u sweet….
    because ants will finish u.
  • Ek pagal ne ek pagal ki jaan bachaiDoctor ne usye office bulaya or kaha
    Tum ne us pagal ko pani k tub se nikal kar ye sabit kya hai tum  normal hoo
    Lekin afsoos us ne subah rasi se latak kr phir khud kushi kr liPagal hahahaha
    Wo to
    Wo tu mein ne usye sukhne k liye latkaya tha
  • 1 Black Larki ko jaduger
    ne jadu se par lga diye
    ab kya mein PARI ban gyi
    Anni diye..
    Tu Cham’qader ban gyi ain…!
  • Friend 1: what did the volcano say
    to the other volcano?
    Friend 2: Nothing. Volcanoes are inanimate
    objects that do not possess the ability
    to speak
    Friend 1: You killed it.
  • What does BRB, LOL and
    Cool mean?
    BRB = I don’t want to talk to you anymore
    LOL = I have nothing else to say
    COOl = I really don’t care
  • Pathan – main thuje phone kar rha tha par tera mobile number bhul gaya.
    Sardar – hatt !! Pagal!
    Msg kar ke puch leta.
    Pathan -yr Sorry dimag me nhi aya
  • Pthan rail ki patri pe leta tha.
    Dost ne kaha kya kr rahy ho?
    Rail guzri to mr jao ge.
    Pthan: Abi upar se jahaz guzra, kuch ni hua,
    Rail kya cheez hy..?
  • A dog loves a cat very much. He wants to marry with her.
    But dogs parents don’t like her. So they refused. Dog
    Asked about the reason of their refusal. They said.
  • Boss : why do you want some off time tomorrow.
    Ali : I want to be married .
    Boss : who stupid girl is being married with you.
    Ali : she is yours daughter sir.
  • Sardar: I was caught by the police as they find diamonds in my socks.
    Friend: are you a smuggling diamonds..?
    Sardar: I was smuggling Sock
  • Boy kissed her girlfriend while they are sitting in a public place
    Girl: No dear that’s not the time for that all ll be after the marriage.
    Boy: Don’t worry my sweet heart I am already married.
  • A Boy Was Going With His Girl Friend
    Friend Asked : Who Is She?
    Boy : My Cousin.
    The Frend Said: Last Year She Was My Cousin.! 😀
  • Independence a Precious gift of God.
    May We Always Remain Independent Ameen.
    A Very Happy Independence Day To You.
  • Hi,
    Doing nothing?
    Then make a place,
    4 Me in ur heart!!
    I may come there any time!
    Ur’s faithfully,
    “Heart Attack”
  • If U need ADVICE,
    MSG ME.
    If U need a FRIEND,
    CALL ME.
    If U need HELP,
    E-MAIL ME.
    If U need MONEY,
    The number U dialed is not in service,
    Plz don’t try again.
  • Ab hamko unse mohabbat thi
    Unhe hamari mohabbat pe shak tha
    Jab unhe ehsas hua hamari mohabbat ka
    Tab hum par kisi aur ka hak tha
  • God made us body parts for a reason.
    Eyes: to look at you
    Hands: to pray for you
    Mind: to remember you
    Heart: to miss you
    Legs: to kick you if u ever forget me!!
  • Ultimate Truth:
    If a Girl Fails In MATRIC
    Then Directly Marriage…
    If a Boy Fails In MATRIC
    Then Directly Garrage…
    Funny But True%-)!

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  • Sardar: Station jaane k kitne logay?
    Rikshawala: 50
    Sardar: 20 lelo
    Riksha: 20 main kon le k jaayeega?
    Sardar: tum piche bheto hum leke jaayega
  • Newton’s Law of Sunday:
    A body at rest will continue to be at rest…
    until the wife notices and finds some work for him!
  • 2 boys with Sardar where going on a Motor cycle.
    Policeman gives hand to stop.
    Sardar shouted oye pehle hi teen bhete hai tu kaha bethega…!
  • Dedicated to all married couples:
    Arranged Marriage is like a Lottery.
    Lag Gayi Toh Lag Gayi;
    Warna Lag Gayi!
  • When WORDS fail, eyes speak.
    When eyes fail,”HEART” speaks.
    When HEART fails, nothing speaks
    they put cotton in the nose…
  • Height of addiction:
    In a college form, when asked about the “permanent address”,
    a student wrote “”!
  • Importance of thumb- Child use it4sucking.
    Illiterate people use it4sign,
    Winners4victory & my FANS use it4reading
    my sms Oh U too? Crazy Fan
  • Sweet insult!!
    Ek ladka gadhe ke samne gir gaya.
    Ek khubsurat ladki ne dekha aur kaha apne bade bhai ka pair chhu rahe ho kya?
    Ladka : ji bhabhiji.
  • 1 Pathan Namaz parh raha tha
    To dosra usky bare mai kesi ko bata raha tha ke yai boht Namazi owr naik banda hai.
    Pathan Namaz thor kar bola:
    Es ko bolo ke “hum ne Haj bhi kia hai”
  • Ques: Agar dunia mai bejli nahi hoti tu TV kesay daikhty?
    Pathan: Mom-batti jala ke !
  • Compaq is considering changing the command (press any key) to (press RETURN key ) bcoz of the flood of calls asking where the any key is?
  • Sardar 2 friend: Guess how many coins I have in my pocket? Friend:If I guess right, u give me 1? Sardar:Oji, I will give both of them.
  • Teacher: what is meant by
    “I MISS YOU”
    Pathan: Is ka matlab hai
    “Mein tumhari miss hon!”
  • Wife:” Dear, this computer is not working as per
    my command..
    Husband:” Exactly darling! its a computer, not a
    Husband… :l /l
  • A Guy Sitting Wid His Girlfriend,
    Drinking Beer Says,”I Love U”Gf Says:”Is It U Or The Beer Talking?”Boy Replies: “Its Me, Talking To My Beer, U Shut Up”
  • Ek pathan bandooq le kr machli ka shikar kerne Jungle me gaya Chor yar tu b pathan nikla Latifa to upper hi khatam hogya tha
  • If you think your
    Teacher or
    is Strict or
    Harsh on you…Wait for a Wife…
    You would love them all…!!
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  • Dear Haters,
    Don’t hate me
    I’m better than you,
    Hate yourself
    You’re not as good as
  • A woman likes to have four animals in the house: a jaguar in front of the doorway, a fox in the closet, a bull in bed, and a numbskull to pay for this all.
  • I have some dreams. I wish, I was a snake. I do. Did you ever wish you were a snake? Yeah, you do. I do. Every time I see snakes on TV, I’m like, ‘Oh, why not me?
  • A chicken sandwich walked into the bar, ordered some food and beer. The bartender says: “Sorry, we don’t serve food here”.Because people keep hitting them with dictionaries.
  • Marriage is a 3-ring circus – engagement ring, wedding ring and Suffering.
  • Na Huwa na Maya hay
    Ehsaas thmhi ka aya hay
    humain bhe message kar kay dakh lo
    Company nay yh mobile saraf tumhari girl friend kay liay nahi banaya hay
  • Whn i open my eys evry morning i pray to God tat every1 should hav a friend like u…. Why should only i suffer!!! 😛
  • I am killer and i kil people 4 money, bt u r my frend and I KILL YOU FOR FREE !!
  • Raam chandra keh gaya siya se…
    aisa kalyug aayega…..
    kahan hua tha mera janam….
    aab Supreme court batayega
  • 3 monkeys escaped from the zoo…
    One was caught watching TV…
    Another playing football…
    And the third one…
    No its not you…
    Why do u always think u r a monkey?
  • Teacher: I wil giv u a tight slap if u continue ur non-serious filmy behaviour in the class . . Student: . . thappar se dar nai lgta miss pyar se lgta hy;
  • Teacher: What r the people of Turkey called?
    Pappu: I don`t know.
    Teacher: They r called Turks. Now What r the people of Germany called?
    Pappu: They r called Germs.
  • Message by a confused alarm clock:
    Dear Humans,
    You get mad when I wake you up; and you also get mad when I don’t wake u. So what is that you exactly want from ME?
  • There is a small gap between confidence and over-confidence,
    You can kiss your boyfriend is confidence,
    Only you can kiss your boyfriend is over-confidence.
  • Dropping Something,
    Then Catching It In Mid-Air And
    Feeling Like A ninja.
  • Ma wallet is just like an onion.
    Whenever i open it.
    It makes me cryyyyyyyyyyy…
  • I still remember those days
    When photos were taken for memories & not for facebook profiles.
  • People always want you to eat cake on your birthday.
    It’s not enough that you’re old.
    They also want you to be fat.
  • Don’t question what someone sees in you.
    Just be glad they don’t have perfect vision.
  • Teacher: why are you talking during my lesson?
    Student: why are you teaching during my conversation?