Happy Christmas

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  • From home to home and heart to heart,
    From one place to another,
    The warmth and joy of Christmas,
    Brings us closer to each other.
  • Faith makes all things possible,
    Hope makes all things work,
    Love makes all things beautiful,
    May you have all the three for this Christmas.
  • Love came down at Christmas;
    Love all lovely, love divine;
    Love was born at Christmas,
    Stars and angels gave the sign.
    Happy X-Mas
  • Lets welcome the year
    which is fresh and new,
    Lets cherish each moment it beholds,
    Lets celebrate this blessful New year.
    Merry X-mas
  • I am dreaming of white Christmas ,
    Wth every christmas card i write,
    May your days be merry and bright,
    And May all your christmases be white.Marry Christmas.
  • I wish You Lovely X-mas
    I wish You Favorable
    I wish You Enjoyable
    You shall not Lack in this X-mas
    Thy Lord shall provide to You!
    Merry X-Mas.
  • May this Christmas end the present year
    On a cheerful note and make way
    For a fresh and bright new year.
    Here’s wishing you a
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • Christmas is not a time nor a season,
    But a state of mind.
    To cherish peace and goodwill,
    To be plenteous in mercy,
    Is to have the real spirit of Christmas.
  • May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year.
    Wishing you a season of blessings from heaven above.
    Happy Christmas.
  • One of the most famous Christmas songs ever. Jess is singing very powerful and gives her own interpretation to this songA soft slow beat with a piano, it’s a silent song.
  • The music is styled like a typical ballad for Jessica – and that’s what she can perform so amazingly.
    Thanks Jessica, you’ve done everything right on this record.
    I don’t had Christmas feelings but after this record I’m waiting for Santa 🙂
  • My Only Wish
    Very nice fast up-tempo song with a nice melody and clear vocals.
    The music has a saxophone, sleigh bells and a piano part.
  • I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” –

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  • I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.
  • Merry Christmas from our Family 2 yours. We hope that u find peace and love during this special time of the year.And may your family be blessed with all the joy that life can bring. Merry Christmas
  • Christmas is the one time of year when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ.
  • Christmas Tis the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial fire of charity in the heart.
  • No matter the sky is black or blue,
    no matter there’s stars or moon,
    as long as ur heart is true,
    sweet dreams will always be with u.
    Gd Nite!
  • In this lovely nite, I pray 2 the blue moon 2 protect you through the nite,
    the wind 2 blow away your stress & the twinkle stars 2 guide U the way,
    sweet dreams Gd Nite
  • Joy resounds in the hearts of those
    who believe in the miracle of Christmas!
    Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love
    of the season! Season’s Greetings!
  • Heap on the wood!-
    the wind is chill;
    But let it whistle as it will,
    We’ll keep our Christmas merry still.
  • May your world be filled with warmth and good chear this Holy season, and throughout the year.
    Wish your christmas be filled with peace and love.
    Merry X-mas.
  • “Happy Christmas”
    Hope your Christmas is a perfect
    Measure of fun and laughter!
  • Keeping Christmas is good,
    But sharing it with others is even better.
  • Take Christ out of Christmas,
    And December becomes the bleakest
    And most colorless month of the year.
    “Merry Christmas”